History of BillSoft

It All Began with Customer Service

An incident in BillSoft's initial year of existence set the tone for the company's direction and, ultimately its success, which continues today.


Let's set the stage. It was 1997. Founder and CEO Tim Lopatofsky became increasingly frustrated with his employer's struggle to accurately calculate and bill taxes. The employer, a telecommunications company, served customers in hundreds of city, county and state jurisdictions. The task seemed impossible.


The one solution available was time consuming and pricey. So, Lopatofsky, an engineer, assumed an entrepreneurial role to create the solution. After nearly a year of research and long hours of work, BillSoft's flagship product, EZTax, was created.


A House Call Helped Establish BillSoft's Culture

Lopatofsky made one of his first sales to California-based State Tax Resource Group, now part of Ernst and Young. All progressed as planned until a late Friday afternoon voice mail from State Tax Resource managing partner Ted Esau. The State Tax Resource team experienced trouble launching the product. However, the two parties couldn't connect. The weekend arrived and still no communication.


Sunday came. Tim became concerned, but confidently knew he could resolve the issue. He boarded a Sunday flight, flew to California and without notice showed up Monday morning at State Tax Resource Group.


"They were somewhat in awe that I was there," Tim said. By noon, the product was operating. Meanwhile, Lopatofsky learned more about his new customer's operations and business needs.


This fanatical act of customer service eventually led to BillSoft obtaining more business through the State Tax Resource Group relationship. "It gave Tim a springboard," Esau says today.


Year-after-Year Growth

Today BillSoft customer service remains unique and at the forefront, and so does EZTax, now complemented by numerous additional product solutions. BillSoft took the most complicated and difficult indirect taxation parts and pieced them together into one solution. "We wanted to be more capable than anyone else,” Tim added. "We've become the 'functional leader.'"

That's why BillSoft, with 15 consecutive years of growth, is Your Total Tax Solution, solving indirect taxation problems for companies in all industries.

Impressive Responsiveness

Jeff Dean hired BillSoft to assist Vonage with taxation for its VoIP product. According to Dean, BillSoft had already "done the research and was far ahead of the game" at the time for the relatively new VoIP product. This included tax rates for not only the United States., but Canada and western Europe.


BillSoft's responsiveness and follow-through was most impressive to Dean. "They sent two representatives directly to show me the software and implement it," he added.


"I could call them (BillSoft) in the middle of the night and someone's going to get back to me (right away)."


Today Dean, a tax consultant, continues to use and praise BillSoft.  Check out Jeff Dean's complete comment  about his BillSoft relationship. 

Taxation Is a Burden, But Not for Us

Allow yourself a reprieve from one of the undesirables of your business - indirect taxation. Focus on your core services instead and feel at ease.

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