EZTax Processing Methods

Solutions to Match Your Requirements

EZTax is offered in multiple tax interface methods and runs on all major platforms.


EZTax License — Process On-site in Real Time or Batch Mode

EZTax License offers an on-site tax calculation solution that can be integrated with any billing system. Included is EZTax Manager,which allows you to alter EZTax’s default settings to easily configure your system.

EZTax provides robust automation for hundreds of various products and services and for hundreds of distinct taxes, while covering the largest geographic footprint. EZTax accurately calculates up to 2.4 billion transactions  per hour. Customers can rely on BillSoft’s monthly tax update. Plus, new release upgrades are free to all licensed customers.


EZTax SaaS — Process Online in Real Time

EZTax SaaS (Software as a Service) offers a real-time cloud-based web service to calculate taxes. 

Your application sends a single transaction electronically to our secure hosted web service and the taxes are calculated and immediately returned. Adjustments and exemptions also can be processed through EZTax SaaS and you're provided with automated monthly reports.


EZTax Online — Process in Batch Mode

EZTax Online is a batch service that processes your transactions and calculates taxes within minutes. You simply submit your file to our FTP site or SSTP site. Your taxes are processed in minutes and returned to you for billing, along with a tax summary for compliance filing.


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EZ to Use for Customers

“It's extremely simple to use. We set it up very quickly. The API (application programming interface) is very robust, so we're able to have our homegrown billing system call the EZTax API in real time and get the tax data for our services.”

— Don Schiavone, COO at Grasshopper Group, on using EZTax

Learn more about Grasshopper's use of EZTax and its relationship with Billsoft.


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